What to do when you need sex?

Everyone knows the feeling of getting really horny really quickly and feeling the undisputed desire to have sex. Basically if you are not in a relationship and you are tired of masturbation you are screwed, figuratively unfortunately.
If you have sex on your mind and you go to a club a pub or a bar or wherever you go to pick up girls they will know you that you have only sex on your mind and this usually doesn’t go well with the ladies.
Now there are tons of dating sites out there where you can sign up and if you pick the right site you will be able to quench your need for sex pretty quickly. Things is that there are so many online dating sites that its hard to chose which one to use. I Would opt for the free ones first because if you need sex you dont need to pay for that.
Whenever I need sex I turn to this adult dating site where I’m always able to hook up with someone who is looking for sex just like me.

Using a dog to get a date?? part 6


*Regardless of what we uncovered were a sampling of men and women’s understandings about specific dog breeds, we support pet owners and non-owners alike to be joyful using their preferred dog breeds, never to stereotype other dog owners, also to train others about maligned strains.


What Folks Think About Men & Dogs:


Must Love Dogs (2005) – Warner Bros.

People were twice as more likely to visit a man who possesses a Boxer, a Bulldog or Rottweiler as merely a “hook up” than a man who owns a Pit Bull or Labrador Retriever.

Folks are over 10 times more inclined to determine a person who possesses a Golden Retriever and 3 times more likely to see a guy who owns a German Shepherd as “marriage material” or “boyfriend material,” than a man who owns a Pit Bull.

Individuals are 10 times more likely to see a man who owns a Pit Bull or a Rottweiler as “slimy” or “sketchy” than a man who possesses a Siberian Husky.

Individuals are very possible to see a person who possesses a Labrador Retriever as an expected “terrific father.”

Using a dog to get a date?? part 5

What Folks Believe About Women & Dogs:

Legally Blonde (2001) – MGM

The great majority of individuals surveyed believe a woman who owns a Chihuahua is prone to be dumb than a woman who owns another class.

Respondents were overwhelmingly prone to visit a girl who owns a Golden Retriever as girlfriend material than a woman who possesses a Chihuahua.

Respondents were more than 5 times more prone to see a lady who owns a Chihuahua as someone to just have a “one night stand” with than a woman who possesses a Golden Retriever.

More respondents thought that girls who own a Poodle are also more prone to merely be a “one night stand” than a woman who possesses every other breed.

Respondents are twice more prone to believe that women who own a Poodle or Chihuahua are far more “high care” than girls who own a Siberian Husky.

Nonetheless, individuals believe that women who possess Chihuahuas are “probably hot” over any other breed

Using a dog to get a date?? part 4

These findings emerge from a fresh survey handled by Klooff, the app for pet lovers that found today (http://klooff.com/). Klooff is a mobile app that lets users create profiles for their pets, enabling them to upload pet photos and communicate with other pet lovers, and maybe make the dog park dating arena a little easier. Using the Klooff app, users record memorable content, enriching their pet’s social status and perhaps even strengthening their particular dating cache.


The average age of respondents was 18-33, and contained straight and gay respondents.


“Pets are wonderful for lots of various things; for companionship, for pleasure romps at the park, and even for finding a date,” said Alejandro Russo, Co-Founder of Klooff. “That’s the reason why we built Klooff, so people are able to express themselves through their pets. And possibly even locate a little romance while at it.”

Using a dog to get a date?? part 3

For men, having a Retriever implies that the owner is a “wonderful dad,” and that owning a Siberian Husky is “manly.” But men who own another macho breed, the Bulldog, beware, as the ladies are more inclined to believe you are only an one night stand.

Without further ado, here’s the record of Klooff’s Top 5 Dog Breeds for Dating. Let’s let the cat out of the bag!


The top dog breeds to attract women were:

5. French Bulldogs

4. Siberian Huskies

3. Labrador Retrievers

2. Golden Retrievers

1. German Shepherds

The top dog breeds to attract men were:

5. Beagles

4. Poodles

3. Chihuahuas

2. Labrador Retrievers

Using a dog to get a date?? part 2

Top breeds that were discovered to help singles outside in the dating scene comprised Retrievers and Chihuahuas and Retrievers, and Retrievers and German Shepherds for men for girls.

Nevertheless, looks might be deceiving, because some “appealing” strains, such as the Chihuahua, may give possible daters the erroneous notion about you – especially in the event that you’re a girl.

Apparently, not many men see Paris Hilton or ‘Legally Blonde’s’ Elle Woods as “girlfriend material,” because the majority of men studied suggested that a girl who owns a Chihuahua is more likely to be judged as “stupid” and “an one-night stand.”

Using a dog to get a date??

It’s no secret that taking your dog for a walk during these upcoming dog days of summer is an excellent strategy to meet other singles, make a link, and potentially get a hot date. But what dog breeds give men and women the best chance of getting a “leg up” on the opposition in the “dog eat dog” world of dating and romance?

A new international survey about what goes on in among the hottest singles scenes – at the dog park – indicates particular strains would be the “cat’s meow” in navigating the “ruff” world of dating, whereas others hinder their odds of succeeding. The survey illuminates what kinds of dogs women and men should possess to bring their next girlfriend, boyfriend, hookup, or soulmate.

Dating Turn off For Women part 10

Being overenthusiastic is not the biggest turn off that is why this one finishes the list at the bottom. Still it is definitely worth mentioning. Let’s put this up front, women love men who are passionate about something. Really doesn’t matter that much what it is as long as its no something really weird. It means you have passion and you are able to love doing something.
Just don’t get overenthusiastic about something that is really your own passion, anything likes games, sports or whatever, just stop talking about it for a second!
Just rambling on about something you are passionate about will make you date turn off just like that, passionate or not.
Let her know what your passions are and if she shares them you can talk all evening about it. But if she has other passions then you really need to let some room for her to talk and you should show her that you can talk about other things as well.


Dating Turn off For Women part 9

Having no manners is another big turn off for any women.. But probably for any people in general.
Manners they are so important, women like a man who has manners. Just don’t overdo it and go toward the oversensitive guy. Have manner, be charming it all goes hand in hand.
It doesn’t stop with the simple things though because if you are a true man and you have manners then you will be able to apologize for something you have done wrong and you can accept when you are wrong. Sounds easy enough I know but still this is so very difficult for most people.
If you can’t do simple things like that it just makes you a sore lose, and no one likes a sore loser, especially not women. Rather throw tantrums and make a big fuss instead of just admitting your fault? Man up or just shut up.

Dating Turn off For Women part 8

Same as the cocky or pompous guys being a narcissist is not good neither, a huge turn off to be exact. Keep in mind that any guy who spends more time in front of the mirror then a girl is doing something wrong. Like seriously if that is you you really have to get real no matter how good looking you are.
But there are more examples. Like when you are on a date with a girl and the waiter accidentally spils some red wine on the guys silk shirt. Shit happens and red wine it sucks but still  don’t go crying and whining about your silk shirt and how much is has cost.
That is just a turn off for everyone in the restaurant at that moment. Wipe it like a man and take it like a man!
In the world of dating a true narcissist guy is the one who is overly bothered about everything that belongs to him be it his phone or watch or mostly everything that’s his. 

Dating Turn off For Women part 7

Dumb guys. Sorry if you are dumb or stupid but this is one serious turn off for the ladies. Not having anything intelligent to say, not being able to talk about any issue currently going on in the world. Not talking about an actual idiot or simpleton but guys who don’t even realize that they are dumb. Blabbing their mouth on a date without evern thinking about who the other person on the table would think about it. Well one tip for ya; if you find your date looking around in embarrassment while you make your statement that will be a sign that you should shut your mouth.
If you notice this then you should change the subject as soon as possible, be discretely when you do so, don’t go around asking her is she’s bored or anything.

Dating Turn off For Women part 6

Being boring is a huge turnoff as well, really this on is another big one. Every girl will have met or dated a guy who was boring and they will tell you that that is terrible. Awkward at the date, silences, not knowing what to talk about.. Just all out awkwardness..
Girls are not talking about being a nerd or geek because you probably have funny things about you, no this is about the boring guys whose company will kill your mood in no time.
Talking with that guy while the girl is thinking about jumping off a cliff, a tell-tale sign that you are boring.
Oh a smaller but important one is the so called foot in the mouth. Means just put a shoe in it because there are only dumb remarks coming out. You know like when you are kissing a girl for the first time and you say that you have to pee or when you have an affair with a girl and you ask her if you feel weird about kissing someone other than her boyfriend. You know just put a shoe in it!

Dating Turn off For Women part 5

On the other side of not being confident or being oversensitive is being cocky and just down right pompous. Like I said earlier being confident is just fine but overdoing anything is never a good thing. Same thing goes for showing confidence, there is something like showing to much.
Dudes that think they have it all, the looks, charms, power, money and they get lots and lots of attention from everyone around them. Slowly making them think that they own the world basically and they start to act like it as well. Making stupid statements and talking about themselves a lot and their glorious deeds that they have done. Do you find yourself talking to your date about how many touch downs you scored or how many cars you own? Bad thing!
Gold diggers is what you will attract when you act like this. And that is because they really don’t care about you, just your money, power, charm, fame or whatever it is.

Dating Turn off For Women part 4

Being oversensitive as a guy is a good second probably. Women love sensitive men, men who are more in touch with their feminine side as they like to say it. Just don’t over do it!
Sensitive guys tend to be real mommas boys as well because they are so much in touch with their feminine side. But they have been connecting with their feminine side so much that they have gone way overboard. I mean when a dude starts crying on your shoulder about something emotional.. Well that is not sexy, not to any lady, so that is one great big turn off.
A girl loves to watch a mushy movie with a man and just start crying all out. She then needs a big shoulder of a man to cry on, that makes her feel good..  not the fact that her date is crying harder then her, definite no-no!

Dating Turn off For Women part 3

We start the list with insecure personalities which is probably one, if not the biggest turn off for most women. A man should be confident about himself and that will radiant out to others. Confident men have a certain sex appeal to women and it really doesn’t matter if you are smart but ugly, handsome but stupid, everyone can have confidence in himself.
If you are nervous then a girl will be able to tell that and it will definitely not help your date to go well. This is probably the biggest reason for dates not to go well. Just think about your positive sides, everyone has one. Are you funny, smart, witty, handsome, good company.. Whatever it is you should find your self confidence in their before you start dating! If you are not happy with who you are then why should the girl you are dating be happy with you?

Dating Turn off For Women part 2

Now pinpointing a turn off is never easy cause like I said every one is unique and has their own set of likes and dislikes. So what are the turn offs that can immediately pull the plug on a great date? Well to start turning a girl on is never easy, im not talking about tweaking any bodyparts here though.
Sometimes you can compare the whole dating game with a sort of a role playing game. You make a move, she makes a move and every move is unique and can be potentially confusing but could lead to he/she liking you.
Find comfort in the fact that a lot of turn offs for women are all the same..
Let me tell you which ones those are.

Dating Turn off For Women

Yes every woman is unique in their own way and everyone has their own sets of likes and dislikes when it comes to being attracted to other people. But there are a couple of turn offs that go for almost any and every woman on this planet. Stay tuned for all the turn offs!
I guess most people have been there already.. You are having the perfect date and every thing is just going fine and you are both enjoying the date. Then all of a sudden something goes wrong and the girls out of the door in under a minute.
Been there? Well then you have probably come across one of the biggest turn off know to women. Want to know which one?
Check them out in the coming posts.

Tips for Dating for Women over 50 -part 6

Date, date and date!
Don’t fall in love with the first guy you meet online. You are over 50 and single again after years of marriage or something like that. Take your time, have a good look around, date different men. See what it really is that you are looking for.. And the only way to do that is to date all kinds of different men. A speed dating event could be just right for you.
You get to “meet” a man in a couple of minutes and then quickly move on to the next one. This is the perfect opportunity to find out for yourself what it is that you fancy in a (new) man and what kinds of topics you like discussing.
Take advantage of online dating and check out lots of different profiles and see lots of different men. Just for a quick date, nothing serious until you figure out what you want. Remember the one you are dating might be doing the exact same thing!

Tips for Dating for Women over 50 -part 5

Golden tip would be to be yourself and be real. Sounds easy and simple and something you normally do but you would be surprised how often people lie about things to make themselves sound and look better then they actually do. You know that this will bite you in the ass at some point.
Everyone knows that its tempting to take off a few pounds when asked for your weight. Or make pictures in just the right angle with just the right light to make you look way better then you normally do.
This is not how you start a real relationship and a person will be disappointed to see that you have lied about certain things because you are kind off wasting his or her time. People look at online dating profiles and get in touch with one that sound/looks/feels interesting. You probably would be bummed out as well to find out that it was all a big lie right?

Tips for Dating for Women over 50 -part 4

Thirdly is probably about the emotional baggage people over fifty tend to carry. They have lived a whole life already with all the pain, enjoyment and all other emotions that come along for the ride. Most have children or angry ex-spouses, family in law, heavy mortgages and maybe even health problems.
These problems can and will severely interfere with your relationship or even just dating. So you want to be as clear and open about it as you can. Of course all on the right moment, I mean you don’t want to be taking about hemorrhoids during diner..
So be open and talk about your emotional baggage and ask about theirs. Its normal that you both have your problems and things that have a big impact in your life so why not let the other know whats up?

Tips for Dating for Women over 50 -part 3

Secondly a thing that a lot of females are saying nowadays. And that is that chivalry is dead.. Well not entirely true of course but thanks to the emancipation of women most women just really think that these ways are old fashioned or not in tune with the power woman image some tend to go for.
So don’t be shocked when a man doesn’t pull out the chair for you or doesn’t take your coat. Even paying for diner is becoming less and less a man thing. Purely because more and more women have really decent jobs and would like to show that they can pay for themselves instead of being dependent on a man

Tips for Dating for Women over 50 -part 2

Well lets start with a thing that is normally the nr1 danger for all daters.. STD’s.. They are on the mind of most daters because they really don’t want to get one but for older women this can be a surprising new concept that they never had to think about. Let alone think about protecting themselves. Most are seriously unaware of all the different STD’s and their symptoms and the way to protect yourself from it.
Well the wisest and safest thing to say it to always be practicing safe sex. Use condoms, for the male or the female (remember both is overkill). Get a test done so that you are certain that you are clean.. You can ask the same from the other person. At least don’t dive into bed immediately but try to get to know someone. Is he or she someone that jumps in the bed with everyone? Well that should be red flag for you.

Tips for Dating for Women over 50

Yes this is thing that is growing and growing.. With divorce rates going up all around the worlds it really is not that surprising that more and more women who are over the age of 50 are reentering the dating world. Some get a divorce, others have the drama of the death of a spouse, whatever the reason is more and more over 50 people are becoming single. So the market is growing rapidly.
And because dating nowadays really is mostly online and speed dating and stuff like that the average women over 50 isn’t really familiar with all these new forms of dating. Because lets face it everyone needs to be, feel and act like himself but some tips to boost your chances are never unwelcome right?

how to get and keep the real catch! part 4

Avoid pick-up lines and PUA techniques!

This tactics and techniques are overdone and over used and most popular guys have seen them in action a million times already. Don’t use them here. Avoid giving her a sense of fear and insecurity, try to keep the interaction and the conversation light entertaining and fun all over. Charming a girl in a natural way will really help you. Don’t look at Hollywood movies and try to imitate their charms because that is not natural.

Also remember that the great looking guys she dates are not impossible to beat because it usually means they are either not smart not funny can’t dance, don’t have humor, whatever it is they are not the complete package otherwise she wouldn’t be talking to you right?

Just go for it and see where it all takes you!

how to get and keep the real catch! part 3

Don’t hit on her like any other guy would!

Remember these kind of ladies get hit on daily by tons of guys, some probably richer and more handsome then you. You want to try a bit of ignoring her but you have to be very careful as not to send of a message that you are clearly not interested. Just don’t smooch her with compliments nor give her lots of attention. The lack of attention is usually the thing that makes you more interesting, elusive if you will. If she sees you giving attention to other woman this might even make her jealousy genes go crazy and make you want you, remember you are probably the ONLY guy in there not completely drooling all over her, that gives you the edge!

how to get and keep the real catch! part 2

Don’t talk to her like she is some kind of movie star of something like that! Just talk to that really attractive lady like you would talk to any other lady. The fact that ninety nine percent of all people already talk to her like she is some kind of demi-god will just bore her if you do the same. So don’t start making all kinds of compliment and be awestruck by her and don’t stare in lust, she is used to that as well. Try to be a bit laid back and make her feel comfortable when being with you, like it would be with one of her friends who don’t treat her any other then they treat others. Never assume that she wants to talk to you but don’t assume that she doesn’t neither! Maybe the right term here would be to look a bit indifferent I guess.

how to get and keep the real catch!


There are ways to treat all the different types of woman. They all have their own manual so to speak. Today I would like to talk about getting the real catch, the real attractive females.
They take much more work than any other type of woman simply because they have a lot to choose from. Usually it means that she is either super attractive, super smart or super rich, the rich and attractive part being the most popular but of course also the most difficult to get. Lets talk about a couple of things that you should definitely do or should surely avoid doing.

Last word about Attractive Woman

So despite all these known drawbacks and snake pits still all men just want a really attractive woman. Still we chose to walk in to the trap. It’s just human nature and nothing we can really do about it I guess.
And to be honest it is pretty understandable since these woman get so much male attention that they can afford to be highly selective in their pick about which guy to date. Usually the looks and the money are the deal sealers. Money of course being the most important part as looks alone won’t get you that far.
Now one final word. Males that are not that attractive or rich could still date hot woman. But they will have to make a real effort and a really good strategy. Being able to dance well, talk well and have a decent sized dick will certainly increase your chances :)


More About Attractive Woman

To continue on the last post about attractive woman now more about the negative side and the drawbacks of attractive woman. What mostly the case is with very attractive woman is that they usually are pretty shallow and can be pretty egotistical. Self-absorbed and self-centered is also something you will hear pretty often. Knowing how pretty they are they will usually use this to their advantage, portraying their pussies as some sort of gold mine.. Which it is for some men..
Some are also experts at manipulation, preying on easy targets like men who are not that attractive or at the top or their hunk lists but usually do have a lot of money.
Everyone knows this to be true in most cases. Of course this won’t go for all attractive woman but for the larger part this is really true.


About Attractive Woman

Lets face it we all know it to be true; really good looking women can have the world by the balls. Some men are like puddy in their hands and they can and will make them do whatever it is that they want.
Sex whenever and wherever they want and wallets open as easy as some open their legs..
Despite knowing all this why is it that males still all want a girl like that on their side.
A perfect piece of eye candy walking right next to them and making all the heads turn.. Of males and females a like. Not only eye-candy but this will also boost the self esteem of the male in question. Increase social status and sexual desirability.. And lets be honest about it; a beautiful woman is just damn fine to look at right? :-D

How to spot a Liar

Everyone wants to be some kind of super detective where you are able to accurately judge if the person you are speaking with is not lying. This goes for whatever kind of way you are using to communicate, face2face, via the telephone, via text messages or via the internet. We all want that uncanny ability now don’t we?
Well not to burst your bubble but it will take you years and years to perfect allt he techniques there are. And basically most normal people really don’t need to be a living lie detector. But it does come in handy to be able to pick up some common tricks of the trade. These come in especially handy when it comes to online dating!
So if you see a profile very few first-person pronouns, lots of use of negative words like “never” and “not”, slim to none negative emtion words like “upset” and “sad” and basically having a short personal info story (less words = less lies) you should be aware!

Online Dating for Black Women

Black people will always feel more prejudiced then whith people. The same goes for black woman in the online dating scene. Studies have shown that black women on dating sites usually are the ones who receive the least amount of messages from male members. In other words it looks as though they get picked last. So that means black women will have much more luck when they initiate the first move as opposed to waiting on the side line.
This is not because black women are unattractive but simply due to the fact that people on dating sites tend to contact their own race counterparts instead of different ethnicities. But the interest is surely their. So maybe the way to get more black women a date would be to let them know to sell themselves more. Send messages, make comments and make it crystal clear that you are available and find the male in question attractive.
Problem solved.

Relationships, the common law relationship.

A common law marriage is a marriage which has not been officially done by the church, so without any ceremony but is put into a mutual agreement between the persons involved.
Turns out that a common law marriage is on the uprising. Likewise in the United Stated and Canada this is quickly growing in the United Kingdom as well. One out every six partnerships are known to be common law relationships in the United Kingdom. And the number is assumed to be growing in the coming years. The problem here is that people in a common law marriage are not financially protected should the worst happen. Unlike regular marriages where of course there’s protection like alimony. 53% of the common law couples in the United Kingdom believe they have the same legal rights as spouses, which really isn’t the case. A discussion among people is now held about if common law marriage should be protected by the law..

Breakup Season?

A relationship survey discoverd that fifty percent of the couples reevaluate their relationship statuses between the holidays in the winter and around Valentine’s day. Mockingly these periods are referred to as the “Breakup Season”. Lots of relationships actually end during this period, studies have shown. By far the number one worst break up method is the sending a text or an instant message or even an email. This is deemed classless, styleless and basically makes you look like a chicken shit.
Other fun facts is that monday is the “best” day to break up with someone and the worst places to break up are a public place and at work. Most people will avoid the person they are breaking up with and will start excersizing before they break up.
Comforting after a break up is mostly done with focussing on work, taking a big long vacation or eating lots and chocolate and ice. Although this last one is most probably for the ladies.

Dating Woman – Easy?

Hey you said you wanted to date woman… But have you actually stopped for a second and really thought about it? What will you say, what will you do, how will you dress, how will you approach her, how will you say goodbye, what if the evening turns bad, what if the evening turns out exactly as planned?

Well stop worrying is probably the first thing that you should do. Because woman really notice it when a man is worrying about what he should or shouldn’t do. That is basically the first big mistake you can make. Be relaxed and have an attitude that lets her know that you have some plans but whatever happens happens and nothing is supposed to happen.
This will help her relax and consequently will help you relax and stop worrying about everything.

So what that your diner reservation has been cancelled without being informed. So what the club denies your entry for whatever shitty reason they come up with. Now is the time to show her you are the man with a (backup)plan!

Always think about what you would do if something wouldn’t go according to plans. Because one thing that you can be very sure off is that almost nothing will go according to plan!